To market

On our first weekend in Brisbane we came across a market not far from home. Northey Street City Farm organic farmers market, held every Sunday morning, has a great variety of fruit and veg but also lots of spices and fresh nuts etc.

I was surprised to see the number of dogs there. And not just any old dog. There were so many ‘it’ dogs; you know, the current social media stars such as french bulldogs and pugs. They were almost as common as the canvas carry bags people were using to carry their organic purchases.

As we were walking out I overheard a conversation between two blokes joking about how they needed to hire a cute dog to take to the markets to be able to pick up women. They were joking, but it could very well be true.

It wasn’t just at this market either. As we continued to explore Brisbane we found more dogs in more locations. Nurseries, parks, more markets.

Here we were, exploring Brisbane to buy items to fit into our new home, and instead I am thinking we should have been looking to buy an item to fit into Brisbane life… woof woof

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