New Year musings (amusings)

With a New Year comes the opportunity for new beginnings. That’s why we all make resolutions, after all. To be better. To do things different. To live a more (insert inspiring word here) life.

So when we fail that challenge (to be honest, you were really never going to give up all forms of chocolate were you darling?) should we feel bad about ourselves?

Maybe there is too much pressure of the whole New Year’s resolution thing.

For the past five or so years I have made only one resolution I have stuck to. That is because it is a resolution I would always want to have. It is to read a certain number of books in the year. Thanks to Goodreads I can easily set the challenge and keep track of where I am at. And yes, sometimes I’ve had a huge number to read in December but I have always got there.

While I have been pretty vocal about that resolution (my one for 2017 is already pasted on my Facebook wall to prove it), there are plenty more that have filtered through my brain that I dared not say out loud in case someone held me to them, or reminded me every time a vanilla slice headed towards my lips.

Those horrible resolutions like getting fit, losing weight, de-cluttering the house and living a low impact life. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think those ambitions are horrible at all. In fact, if you have achieved those things all hail to you. I mean to say I believe they are horrible choices for a New Year’s resolution. Why? Because any major life choice made on a tipsy whim just before the stroke of midnight is bound to be a struggle.

These are the sorts to things that take planning, deep thought and perseverance. They take talking to the family and friends to let them know your plans and that you need their co-operation. They also need your own acceptance and will power.

So don’t take on those challenges on a New Year whim. Do it on a new you whim, and that can start any time. If you have tried and already failed, then forget they were ever a resolution meant to start on  January 1. Think of it as a lifestyle choice and you haven’t failed. You can just try again tomorrow.

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”
L.M. Montgomery

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