Growing a love of nature

Among the many things that found its way through my thought processes when I found out we were moving to Brisbane was ‘what about our garden’.

I have never been much of a green thumb. I was lucky to water the grass. There was always something a bit OCD about me that I got easily annoyed at out of shape hedges, plants growing willy-nilly and leaves falling where they shouldn’t. It was easier to not get involved.

That is, until I discovered the world of succulents. I had them in my hair as I walked down the aisle not yet two years ago and also as decorations on the tables. Some of those succulents made it home with the guests and a few remained and were taken care of in our garden.

As our succulents grew, so did our love of them. They had babies, and we re-potted them and watched the next generation grow. Then we bought a couple more in different colours and varieties. Just a few here and there. And a few more. And they just grew and grew too. And so did our collection. You might say addiction, but the next thing you knew, we were regular little green thumbs spending weekends tending to our garden and creating a haven to relax in and enjoy.

Just when we had it looking the way we wanted we found out we were going to be moving. To Brisbane. Over 600 kilometres away. We were moving from country to inner-city.

When it came to looking for a place to live in Brisbane we looked at quite a few inner city apartments. Oooh, they were so tiny. For someone used to spreading out it was a bit of a culture shock to see what my new living conditions would be like. No gardens either, just a balcony space in most of them, so I had pretty much resigned myself to having to leave behind most of our new additions. Then we found a place that had all the inner-city elements we needed, with the bonus of a small garden space. I was bloomin excited, let me tell you.

So yes, our succulents came with us and have thrived in the Brisbane conditions. And we have thrived in the Brisbane conditions of so many nurseries. Because of course what did we do from the moment we arrived in Brisbane? We checked out all the local sights…. well, sights of a few nurseries anyway.

From little things big things grow. Our garden is a classic example.


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