Diary dates

There is something about starting the new year with a brand new blank diary that makes me feel excited. All the possibilities. All those blank pages, ready to be filled with fun plans, holidays and adventures.

That’s the thing about the new year too. It is just like the diary, full of unused days ready to be filled with fun plans, holidays and adventures.

Despite my love of all things technology I still prefer to keep a paper diary. It’s a bit like writing a list and crossing off the jobs when they are done. Such satisfaction. That’s what the diary does for me. I can flip back a few pages and reminisce over days gone by. I can flip forward a few pages and see what sort of adventures I have coming up. There’s even the possibility of adding things I haven’t even thought of yet.

We are already a few days in to the new year so I already have content I can add to the blank pages.

Day 1. A walk in the park.

I know that doesn’t sound too exciting, but it was. After driving to a coffee shop and finding it was actually closed we had turned the car and headed home when I spotted a cute little bridge, and a car park beside it. I suggested we stop and check it out. We did stop, and found a lovely little playground on either side of the bridge that crossed over Enoggera Creek. We took a walk around, under the bridge and around the playground, smiling at a small child enjoying a swing with her dad, and laughing at ourselves as we tried out some of the play equipment too. We admired the wild flowers growing all and saw a water dragon take off into the bushes as we headed back to our car. We also stopped to look at an insect that looked just like a piece of bark, except it was crawling along the footpath. It was a little bit of fun on a day where we could have gone home and done nothing at all.

Day 2. Back to work.

I know that doesn’t sound exciting either, but it was. I’ve only been at this new job for a short period of time, but now I’ve learned the ropes (well, some of them anyway) I am keen to show what I have to offer. Again, a bit like that blank diary, waiting for some pages to be filled.

Looking forward, I have already made plans for this weekend and am sitting down now to make plans for the rest of the year. Catch-ups with family, friend, and holidays to be had.

What are your plans? If you haven’t made any yet, get yourself a diary and start filling pages.