Best of the …. ribs

One of the aims of creating Socialeyes Brisbane was to help newcomers to the region discover the best parts of Brisbane. That includes the food!

So this is the start of the best of the best, reviewing what we have discovered so far, while exploring the great South East Queensland.

Coming originally from the Beef capital – Rockhampton, what better way for us to start our reviews than with a meaty touch. When there’s ribs on the menu we are sure to give them a go.

What makes for great-tasting ribs in our opinion? Tender and falling off the bone (without falling apart) is a good start. A delicious tasting sauce without being too overpowering is a must. A decent serve to get value for money helps too. Service with a smile gets bonus points.


The Jerky Nuts Cafe and Bar

This cosy South African restaurant in Stafford Heights is our top pick so far when it comes to the best ribs in SEQ.

IMG_20180303_192936We ordered the Pork Ribs. Talk about a  large serving and delicious tasting! They were falling off the bone, but not falling apart – just like they should.

While you are there, I suggest you also check out the Herb & Cheese Pull Apart bread (I could have eaten the whole thing myself it was so good!)

If you still have room you can’t go past the Peppermint Tart for dessert. Just a tip – we’ve bought some of those as a take-away from their gourmet grocery store in Enoggera. Divine!

The staff are super friendly and enjoy a bit of banter around the room. They’ll be happy to have a chat and recommend some of their South African beverages too.


The Defiant Duck

Another great ribs find for us was at an American style bar / restaurant in Newstead. The Defiant Duck is a popular drinking spot so we were surprised at how good the food was too.


Apologies as there are no pics of this one. It was a large serving with plenty of sauce, and the large napkins can come in handy.

Special note needs to go to the desserts as well. Looked as good as they tasted! (And yes, we did take pics of this).

I do love my desserts and anything with a lemon flavour is high on my list, and this not only tasted amazing, it looked amazing too.

Certainly a step above the normal pub food that’s for sure.


Burrito Bar (Everton Park)

Third favourite in our ribs ratings goes to a shopping centre eatery. We came across the place on our travels, stopping first to pick up a few groceries and then decided to grab a quick bite to eat. There were a few options at the centre so I was happy with the results of this choice.

The Burrito Bar is a Brisbane based franchise store that has opening in other parts of the country. We visited the Everton Park venue. The ribs certainly weren’t as tender as those mentioned above, but they were a generous serving with great taste. We’d highly recommended this for a dining option, especially with the funky Mexican themed setting.

We weren’t the only ones to enjoy the flavours, judging by the regular Uber eats collections while we were dining in for lunch. This would be a great night-time dining option too, with tequila based cocktails one of their specialties. We’ll have to try those next time.

Do you have a ribs recommendation? Share your favourites, and we’ll try to check them out!

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